Service Review – Jim Lange Nature Pay

Cannabis Leaves
Cannabis Leaves

This is a public review of the service we received from Jim Lange of Nature Pay.

As a business we submitted financial data to Jim Lange in application for a service. We received no response. It seems fairly evident that Nature Pay is a criminal enterprise of the same vein as historical criminal financial institutions.

Jim Lange is the front man of this criminal body and will lie through his teeth about the service they provide and ultimately rob you of your businesses private information and data.

We urge extreme caution when dealing with Jim Lange at Nature Pay and if you are in the Cannabis Business it is highly unlikely that they will provide you any other service than theft.

We believe that the future of business finance will be more sincere and this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in the finance industry of the future.

Nature Pay are certainly not representative of the Cannabis industry of the future and are more akin to the criminal elements that used to operate in the banking system.

We encourage all cannabis industry leaders to Boycott Nature Pay and seek services from other Cannabis Industry Service providers that conduct themselves with more dignity.

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