A Non Fan Boy Look at Crypto Currency – Liars, Ledgers and Large Flat Stones.

In Out In Out
In Out In Out

Crypto currency will not solve the problems of the world.

In fact, some may be specifically designed to amplify them.

And that is what we have to be aware of. The most important thing I have done over the past years is begin studying the etymology of words relating to different financial and legal instruments.

One of the more interesting etymologies is that of the word Ledger. The meaning is complex but when you get to the bottom of the etymology it relates to ‘lie’ or a ‘false statement’ – statement also being an accounting term.

So if you want to begin to understand the problems of the world we live in today, most of our institutions are driven by accounting. And if we make our accounting or our ledgers our only focus without sacrificing for the truth the lies in our society simply multiply.

Even though these etymologies do not give us exact understandings to lean on, it should give us a hint that our financial and accounting infrastructure alone will not lead us to the truth. The truth exists elsewhere. Research the etymology of ledger yourself and you will surely be perplexed, large flat stone? These words originate from meanings beyond accounting alone.

So now if you apply this understanding of the word ledger to the blockchain, a system that I only have an early understanding of things become interesting. Because the blockchain seems to have complex distributed multi ledger systems. So If you think of the corruption humanity have faced by being lulled into the ignorance of only seeing the value of with of things based on $ value, and then running all of the affairs of earths institutions based on accounting / ledger systems. If we blindly go into the world of crypto and not understand its structure and what its implications are we may actually be going toward a world of greater corruption and deception.

Thats why it it is imperative we teach individuals to put morals and ethics before money at every turn.

Even though the bible teaches us about money changing, I don’t resent anyone that wants to flee from the current money system as I know for certain that the custodians of it have been criminal. What we need to ensure is that we do all we can to ensure the people in-charge of the new crypto systems have the right spirit and a willing to stand for what is right. I don’t believe that all of the answers to these questions are out there yet, but as we continue to cover the new crypto systems we will aim to advise on which are both technically most suitable and which are led with the greatest ethos. One thing that I love about crypto and new crypto eco systems is the sheer amount of financial technology I can host on my own systems without need for 3rd party banking institutions involvement in my affairs.

So be sure to consider the meaning of the financial instruments you are using before you enter any arrangements. Those who have entered a Mortgage and know the etymology will be aware of this. Is there any meaning in the fact that Crypto is the same etymology of the place where dead people are buried? A crypt??? And again there seems to be something in the etymology of the word Ledger, that is connected to death. To lie, to be prostrate or a large flat stone, especially one laid over a tomb. Are our financial institutions designed to bring and protect life or not? Is it our responsibility as humans aside from money in any form to protect life?

We will conclude this post by saying that the most important thing that we have learnt about money thus far in life is that the best thing you can do in your life is learn how much you can accomplish through not making money. There are skills and crafts that exist and you can utilise to the benefit of yourself and others that far surpass the benefit of money alone. The sooner that more of humanity learn that money alone is not the only tool that can be utilised to bring prosperity, the stronger humanity will be against systems that seem to be structured to bring human suffering.

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