Crypto Currency

Decoding Bitcoin

I Have A Couple Of Decodes Coming On Investment.TV

Just Financial Terms And Concepts. I’m Going To Keep Them Short But May Also Just Include A Little Background Information As Well. 

I Will Break The Bitcoin Decode Up In To Two Words.

Bit: Divine Physical Death Eye Transmutation

Coin: Divine Saturn Eye South. 

So Dealing With Coin First. It Is Evident There Is An Abundance Of Occultism Around Coins.

They Change Them With Monarchs. Check Out Our Decode Of Monarchy On DivineDecodes.Com

So Coins Allude To Saturn, A South Eye And Babylon. And Its Made Of A Small Piece Of Steel. Or Silver. Again Signifying Babylon. 

Most Interesting Pertaining To Bit Coin Is That When You Decode Bit, You Get Physical Death Eye Transmutation. 

So There Is Value In Bitcoin. People Have Probably Done Well.

I’m Actually Working On An Article On What We Are Going To Call Crypto Technology And Why. 

But People Want An Easy Way To Make A Living And A Path To Financial Abundance.

I Don’t Begrudge People That.

What I Think People Might Miss. Is That There Are Forces So Powerful. That Will Actually Develop And Produce These Technologies And Concepts. And Put Them In Front Of You. And Multiply Them Out (Now There Are Thousands Upon Thousands Of Cryptos.) Specifically For The Purpose. Of Deceiving You Or Distracting You About The Nature Of Life And Spirit. And The Importance Of Doing Your Spirit Work.

Again, If Bitcoin Is What is Working For You. Go Get Your Paper.

But, That Paper Will Get You Into Fancy Clubs, Fancy Meetings. It Will Get You Fancy Cars.

I’ve Never Owned A New Car.

But The Bitcoin And The Cash Value That Comes With It. Will Never Get You Your Divine Transmutation.

And It Seems To Me From The Name Bitcoin. The Phenomena. Is Erected Entirely As A Distraction From Spirit.

I’ve Said In Places Before. What They Really Aspire To Stop You Owning Is Divinity.

It’s So Important To Them. The Financial Resource They Will Throw At Stopping You Reaching That Goal Has No Limits In Terms Of The Numbers They Are Willing To Use. 

Anyway, Thats What Bitcoin Is. On The Whole Its Interesting Technology. But I Wouldn’t Drop Our Existing Financial Systems For It. And I Wouldn’t Bet The Farm On It. I Would Acknowledge It As A Hype Designed To Distract You From The Value Of Investing In Knowledge, Wisdom And Spirit.

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