How Richard Branson Reacted when we started disclosing that he is a Criminal. 

Richard Branson Criminal
Richard Branson Criminal

A month or so ago now we published the first judgement in our court of light. Although the judgement is not directly about Richard Branson, It seems that Richard Branson is in bed with everyone that it is about. And although I wish that I could see Richard Branson as a good man, I know now in my heart that this is miles from the case.

Although I did not know it at the time, the judgement that we passed is deeply Masonic. When I passed it I knew it originates from Egyptian Mythology and the Papyrus of Ani, but soon after discovered the Masonic Egyptian Room in South Australia that is open for public viewing.
The more you study Masonry, the more you study light the more you understand this Judgement. You can literally see other peoples light from a distance, you can see how they have traveled through time and you can see the decisions they have made. It becomes evident that on their journey they must have been part of decisions, board room meetings where humanity as a whole were sold out and Branson will have known it. Yet, it seems in his soul probably through a combination of ignorance and selfishness, he went along with deception for his own short term benefit.

Money is the great betrayer of humanity and as I have said in previous posts, saying no to money is just as much of an art as saying yes to it.

With in weeks of us passing the Judgement, two financial services connected to Richard Branson cut us off completely. These are business that had been servicing us for years. And ironically Richard Branson pays lip service to legalising Cannabis and ending the protracted genocide caused by its prohibition, yet is actively involved in slowing the companies that lead the way in pushing for change.

The first business was Transfer Wise, a service that Branson is directly invested in. The Second Business is PayPal, a company connected to the Roman Catholic church, a corporation known for its acts of Genocide, Murder and Pedophilia around the earth. Branson I later discovered has intimate connections to its leaders, all Masonic jokers involved in last generations criminality within the Masonic order that we outline in our court of light judgement.

Well, it is kind of pleasing that they have acted in the way, because it makes me feel a lot less guilt in coming straight out and saying it. Richard Branson is a Criminal. Although I don’t get any pleasure in saying bad things about companies I have formally Been associated with. I would much prefer to see people I have worked with prosper. However, it is evident in this case that this man is involved in sinister criminality, and the sooner humanity know the sooner we can look past these people and focus our energy on other people who will make real businesses that have a more positive effect on humanity.

It doesn’t mean a great deal to me that these men don’t like what Im doing. It just goes to show how stupid they are. Because the fact of the matter is that Im not doing it at all. All I am doing is following the path of the truth and disclosing what I have found. Should that not be the action of all true masons?

I have no doubt in my mind that men like Branson and the cohort of criminals that he associates with will be remembered by humanity as murderers. Which is exactly what he is. His murder by way of false light will not be forgotten by humanity and every time I see his image I am physically sick. The day of his death will not be mourned, it will be celebrated and we will pray that no men will walk in his path in the future.

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