The English and US Economies are large structured Cons built on generations of Fraud, Thuggery, Deception and Ignorance.

In life you have to choose what you are cool with. One of the things I have never been big on is war. To the point where there is war going on, I just don’t pay attention. Its not like I watch the news and root for my war team. I just ignore it and hope it goes away.

Modern war isn’t what you are told it is. Many of the wars themselves are deceptions or what is reported of the war is different to the scenario on the ground.

But even though you abstain from war. Even though you don’t give it your energy, the fruits of war are all around you.

This is kind of being inspired by England selling 733 Mastiff Vehicles and me just going ‘What the hell did we need 700 Troop transporters for’ – Surely by now we know better ways of doing business with Asia.

Well all of those wars generated a lot of wealth. It drew a lot of money into America and England. And it is not good money. It is all dirty money, it is all ill gotten wealth. A lot of that money would have floated around on the stock markets. And a lot of men would have thought of little other than paying their bills despite that money having come from horrible crimes.

The future will not be like that. Through technology alone businesses will bring balance between people who will be able to generate and share wealth in their own ways. I think we are going to see big recalibration. People putting both England and the USA in their places. Many corporates on those lands failing. And in regions like Asia, nations once again taking control of their own resources and destiny.

I have had people communicate to me in mysterious ways that England has lost its spirit phone. Yes they have forgotten to stand for life over money.

The sense that I get of the men, is that they have become spineless. The more as a man you eat of the right tree, the deeper you go down the rabbit hole of life. You start to say to yourself, how can people with such low spirit and such low willingness to choose god and goodness even be still breathing?

What I see of America and England is that their core economies and corporate cultures have been built the wrong way. We will see implosions and we will see a new focus of leadership from nations in the world. One of the places their will be new light is Asia and the Other, South America.

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